Paróiste Cionn Locha/Gleann Éide: Parish of Kinlough/Glenade

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Fr. Thomas Keogan Adm.

St. Aidan’s Church, Kinlough

Local tradition has it that the church was a target for vandalism by landlord Johnston’s workmen, who would often throw manure and other debris through the door as they passed by with their carts.  Enquiries were made of The Liberator, Daniel O'Connell, who suggested that the churchyard should be used as a cemetery.  Since cemeteries had to be walled in by law, Johnston could not object to the wall, which would keep the vandals well away from the church.  The yard around St. Aidan's was indeed walled in and used as a cemetery until the construction of Kinlough new cemetery.  

The involvement of the great Daniel O'Connell in the story may be true.  Alternatively, tradition may have confused him with Fr. Daniel O'Connell who was curate and later parish priest in Kinlough at about that time.  Two mission crosses, to commemorate the missions of 1865 and 1909, were also erected outside the church.